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Chad Horne

Lecture 6September 29 2011condentiality battling between the patients own interests and the good of somebody elsethere are two different kinds of arguments and the importance of this1 consequentialist argument honesty and trust is an important part of the relationship the physician must be concerned primarily with our own good and nothing else all of these arguments circle around trust But it is also true that you must weigh the benets of condentiality against the coststhere are the interests of third parties that have to be considered and how they will be affected by thisterasof casenot an absolute right to condentiality 2 nonconsequentialistpart of what it means to be an autonomous individual is that one has the right to tell certain parts of their life to some peopleautonomy based argument absolute right to privacy or be overridden by certain thingsjames rachoes argument begins account by noticing that most accounts begin and end up noting the consequences that begin and end with a breech of privacy embarrassment unfair advantage in competitive endeavors affect job credit ratingbut he says that this is not the right way to go about thinking of privacy because if you only think about what can go wrong when it is breeched then you will not understand the importance
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