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Chad Horne

Lecture 7October 4 2011physicians have a certain obligation to warn third parties of any danger in most casesInformed consentthe relationship between moral concepts and institutional ones1 we can talk about moral requirements to have one person give informed consentwhat conditions must be met the patient must be competent to make this decision the patient should have all the relevant information and understand it the patient should not be manipulated2 institutional conception the rules policies and procedures of a hospital doctors ofce etc so what sorts of steps institutionally must be given in order for an instance of informed consent to be followed through withfan and beauchamp 2 senses of informed consentsense 1 autonomous authorization primarily a moral conceptionwe ask questions about the kind of state that the person giving the consent was insense 2 effective consentinstitutional conception of consentwe ask questions about what the doctor or other representatives of the institution diddid they explain the information and not manipulate them etcwe want to design this in such a way that will track the moral form of consent in sense 1 they must make sure that as many patients that give autonomous authorization also have effective consent1 can be present without 2 etctwo sisters in an accident and one of them wants to give her kidney to another she wants to give her kidney and has autonomous authorization and there was no effective consent because the age to have a surgical consent in north carolina is 21when we are designing an informed consent policy part of the concern is that doctors will be open to charges of batary of negligencethere must be some consideration that doctors have other things to do besides developing informed consentwe have to design a policy where we can show the third parties insurance companies etc that we took effective stepsthe policy must be developed to look out for the needs of the hospital and doctors and tracks autonomous authorizationinformed consent exists when 5 things are met1 competent to make the decision2 must receive adequate disclosure of the nature of the proposed treatment patient can weigh in their own minds the cost and the benet of the particular treatment to determine if a disclosure is adequate community practice meets the standard to determine if a disclosure is adequate reasonable patient what kind of information would a reasonable patient need in order to make a particular decisionto determine if a disclosure is adequate subjective what does this particular patient need in order to make an accurate decision
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