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Lecture 8October 6 2011Personal consent versus institutional consent the 19 girl gave her consent but she was not old enough in the particular state3 evaluations of the moral idea of informed consentcomplications that informed consent presentirrational beliefs an important part of autonomy is having access to the relative information If your wife gives you a glass of poison and says it is wine then your autonomy to drink the wine means nothingit is not just ignorance that interferes with the effectiveness of our autonomy not just lacking information but it could be our ability to view the world as wellmay have the relative information but we fail to process this information effectivelymay fail to draw necessary conclusions from the beliefs we havephysicians cant simply provide information this is not enough Physicians have the moral obligation to make sure the patients process this information correctly as educators of their patientsdworkin we are more willing to encounter paternalism in cases where individuals have made mistakes about facts than cases where there is a general disagreement about valuesdworkin suggests that seat belt laws for example are much more justied because theperson is just mistaken about facts genuine disagreements about values are not grounds for interference the physician cannot impose th
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