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Lecture 16

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Chad Horne

Lecture 16November 10 2011physician wears two hatsa physician and a researcher how effective drug is so that the drug can be used to benet other peopleclinical trials are controlled drug is to be tested not just so see whether the patient has improved but if she patient does better or worse as compared to a control1 experimental group is given the drug being tested2 control group is given a placebo or whatever is normally used to treat the patient with the same conditiontesting a new drug against a placebo is only proven in the case that there already isnt an existing therapyif there is an existing therapy then the new drug is tested against that therapyin the treatment of HIV they had to stop this because the control group was dying much faster with the placebo than the experimental groupassign of the control and experimental group is usually done randomlythis is because the whole point of the study is that they want the drug to workparticipants of the study dont know whether they are given the placebo or the actual drugusually the study is double blind the physicians also dont know whether their patients are given the placebo or the new drugthis is avoiding problems of observer biasthe double blind nature of the study also makes it difcult in the event that the study is going very well makes it difcult to see that the participants in the control group arent doin
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