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University of Toronto Scarborough
Chad Horne

November 17 2011what does a right to health care meansome people think it is having the right to any service that is medically necessarythis could quickly eat up all of canadas GDP there would be no limits to health care spendingmost think that a right to health care doesnt meaning having a right to everythingmost philosophers think it should be a right to a decent minimum routine doctors visits immunizations hospital stays but not rare and unusual medical treatments in canada we have a system of universal health insurance there is insurance from the provincial governmenthealth insurance is socialized but health care is often private private health insurance with subsidy grants and free health care by the government which is more justwhen people purchase it on their own some people pay more for health care than others what it means to have a right to health care you are entitled to health care and some one else has an obligation to provide it to mephilosophers distinguish between positive rights and negative rightsright to free speech is generally thought to be negative right all you have to do is refrain from trying to shut some one up and it imposes no positive things on anyone elseright to life is a negative right because everyone has a right not to kill some one
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