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Cathal O Madagain

PHLB09 2011 Lecture 2 WHATS A FETUS? o Stage 1: Sperm and egg come together during conception o Stage 2 (days 1-12): Zygote travels down fallopian tube, implants in uterus (becomes a blastocyst) 40% of zygotes fail to implant 20% more fail to stay implanted (miscarry) o Stage 3: Embryogenesis (weeks 2-12) By week 9 spontaneous (reflexes) movements can be detected Embryo measures ~ 34 inch Picture in the powerpoint shows that the visual appearance of an embryo is merky. Looks similar to a cow, a fish, a bird, etc o Stage 4: Fetal development (weeks 12-40) Week 20 - quickening (perceived) Quickening can happen to mothers whove had 2 or more children in week 22 because muscles arent as strong as they were during first pregnancy Week 22 - viability (20-35% chance) Week 30 - brain activity associated with sleepingwaking. Brain activity is primitive and minimal...mostly to due with csleep cycles o First trimester (weeks 1-12) o Second trimester (12-26) o Third trimester(26-40) ABORTION o Abortion: first trimester Medical abortion: morning after pill, pharmaceuticals to induce abortion Surgical abortion: suction evacuation, dissection and Curettage (break of fetus sac and remove it with another tool) o Coin from Cyrene depicting Silphium Greek colony called Cyrene. Silphium was an abortiscitient, induced menstruation after conception An example of many civilizations where abortion was just a normal part of life o Is it just a bunch of cells? Then why are we having emotional responses to abortion? Perhaps theyre not appropriate responses. If it is something that isnt wrong, then they can be inappropriate emotions o Second trimester: saline injection in amniotic fluid followed by induced delivery o Third trimester: IDX - Intact Dilation Extraction Fetus head is evacuated to allow for induced delivery ABORTION RATES o ~ 42 million abortions annually worldwide
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