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Lecture 4

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Ramu Gopalan

Social inequality lecture 4 October 2, 2012 Movie Continuous journey Koamagata guru:  immigrants from India deported to India  he came from India and the only reason he was allowed an enter to Canada because he spoke good English  in 1914 Canada vancover was all about white in Canada( they made a song about it.  May 13 1914: the ship arrived in Canada filled with Muslims, siks, farmers. They were the British slaves  The Indians who came to Canada were all bristish Indians  The Indians were under the British rules  Malcalx reid: dominant immigration agent charged of everything. Komagata Guru challenged Malcome for the law to let him into canada. He was a business man.  The man who is charged in Stevens hh who is the ruling person who had to power and the authority to deport and not allow immigrants to Canada.  Siks were the the majority of the people on the ship. They are different from hindus by having long hair and not cutting their hair.  Siks: the siks were working as labors when they first arrived to canada.  Guru wanted a democratic society which would allow them to have rights.  Hussien Rahim: was the the gurati singhs and baghka sings. He was in power to fight for indain siks rights  J Edward bird a lawyer: he was ready to fight for the indains siks to allow them to come to canada  Vancover: Kamogatra used to be a german ship which would bring eourpeans to canada  The ship was sold to Hong Kong  Back in the 1900s Johnny macdonal announced in the parliament that canada was a white man country and everything would be ruled under the bristish law  Japan community: the japanes would come to canada and canada would have no restrictions against them. The japenies were just like the Indians but canada didn’t say anything against them.  All Indians were bristish: they should be not treated unequally.  The Prime minster Mackinze: said that canada should remain a white country. The prime minster also said that they should not come to canada due to cold weather because they would die May 14 1914: day 2  the ship was there without having anwers, they were not being allowed to come to canada  Edward birds hired by Hussien Rahim won the case for 39 indians  Reid the immigrant agent suffered this lost and was scared th May 15 day 4  Hussien Rahim and bakg singhs had to raised 15 thousand dollars Balwant singhs: a person fighting for the Indians a former fighting soilders To take over the charter they needed 15 thousands they raised about 5 thousands and need ten thousands: people didn’t believe that they would find the money to buy the charter. Gurdits a person who is not interested in violence to win freedom because he was a follower of Gandhi Day 18
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