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Feminism - Session 5

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Lynda Lange

Feminism - Session 5  men migrate for work  different in subject due to wealth  What is care work?  Is it natural for women and men?  socially created  social condition  girl responsible for care work  understand the difference between 1. and 2.  1. making empirical claims  2. what the empirical claims are referring to  how to apply the concept of human rights  to “this”  domestic  acceptable: elderly, children  unacceptable: sex  empirical information versus philosophical reflection of  Jagger  women migration ultimately due to the gender division of labour  gender division of labour  in the 60‟s, women had very different situations  gender division of labour is real  related to sex and domestic labour  Sylvie  gender division of core work  global division of labour  employers for care work  wealthy  care work employees  not wealthy  global division of labour is common  poor women feel the burden the most  Jagger  too many differences  ex. difference wealth  different differences  1. ethnicity  2. cultural  3. racial  cultural  ethnicity and cultural differences  not characteristic of person  basic expectations  before 2010/11  approval of Dept. of Immigration  live-in 24 months to 36 months  room and board deducted  apply for permanent r
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