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Feminism - Session 7

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Lynda Lange

Feminism – Session 7  Canadian government  protects patents  Academics Standing Against Poverty  ASAP  status quo (SQ)  one of the most common methods of defense  there is no available alternative to SQ  (no alternative)  Bill C-398  (long story)  Pogge  comparison of pre-TRIPS and SQ  prefers pre-TRIPS over SQ  argues against TRIPS  poorest countries have thin layer of rich people who can afford medicine  poor can get (afford) medicine when patents expire, approx. 20 years later  admits that TRIPS does good things  notes that there is a feasible alternative to TRIPS  conclusion  it (TRIPS) is not morally acceptable because there is an alternative  argues for the Health Impact Fund (HIF)  asks serious moral questions  normative argument  some people will say that it’s unjust and others say that it’s acceptable  because some benefit to someone  ex. residential schools  some are marginally better off than they were  perhaps they could be even better off  main logical flaws in these arguments  Pogge argues for the HIF  possible alternative over the plus and minuses of the SQ  features of the HIF  #1. pay for performance  #2. voluntary  government contributes financially  pharmacy company registers  #3. rewards make products effective towards improving global health  (over the selling of products)  requires methods of measuring the health impact of the product  must be acceptable to all parties  #4. drug companies are not required to be charitable  not required to not profit  Pogge compares SQ to TRIPS and HIF  innovation  (related to #1.)  sheer volume of the third world  TRIPS and HIF is better than SQ  (related to #2.)  pharmacy company will not have to sell products for high price  price of the products will be cheaper for poor people  TLM (civil wars) are obstacles in poor countries  even with good medicine available, it cannot be delivered  nobody to dispense the medicine  companies could help out with TLM  get a monetary rewards by spreading medicine which aids others   ex. There is no bridge to cross over to where people need medicine  the ethical argument by Pogge is special  SQ causes human suffering  due to the lack of access to medication (note: effective medication)  therefore, implies that there should be ch
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