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Benj Hellie

lect 3 –meaning of life 1/17/2012 9:12:00 AM First assignment due next Tuesday ‘life as such has no meaning’ ??  the meaning of yourlife is for you to worry about, not about me Happiness  Story of Sisyphus o Offended the God, and was hence punished to roll the stone uphill forever !! o Do you think that’s a fun life?  Then what can you add to the stry to make it a fun life?  A desire? A goal to be achieved?  But are these two additions enough to make it fun? Review of last lecture  Two conditions of success o Subjective: get the person to be confinced, to be gripped by your argument o Objective : the argument has to be a good one, not just good enough to persuade this person  8 types of meta-ethics questions and answer from last week  is all rare things expensive? , not really, so the premise is not really true  some arguments can be deductive invalid, but indectively a proof ( the deduction is not right, but can indicate something , which may be right ) o Socrates are men, men are mortal, hence men are all mortal ( inductive proof) o Rats are animals, animlas are four legs, hence animals are all four-leged o (deductive wrong, and not inductive proof) Goal of the week  Reasoning  Happiness Recap  only proposition can be true or wrong, but argument can only be sound or valid o these are the technical terms in philo reasons : socrotes example tells you that  an unsound deduction can be sound induction ( an inductive argument) o if you add ‘typical’, then conclution should be ‘generally , men are mortal’ o have to be aware of the subjective and objective, to avoid circle argument another distinction among reasons  causal –explanatory reaons  justifying reasons o she fells down the stairs as she was tired –this is a C-E reason o she read it because she’s interested in the book  her reaons, her motivation and her intention to do this  this is the justirying reaons  not only conscoious reasons ( things with minds) can motiviate you, o this reason may not be void ( admittd by the person )  the reasons –we are interetesd o the causes—less interested o so we are looking for both causes and reasons  you want to do something( motivation), and causes you to do this  complication o preference, duty are subtypes of justrifying reasons o an excuse is not a justrifying reason, but an exculpatory reason  I was too frieended to refuse o Ambiguous about responsibility  I am not able to make an efforted, I’m fated not to succeed Importance of reasons for ethics  You donate money, cause you think others will think well of you o This is not a realy good  If you read a book, cause you think you will look intellectual when reading this book in front of people o This is no better than reading a porn and put a cover of Aristotle on the outside  So you can do the right thing for the wrong reasons o If you are a virtuous pers
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