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Benj Hellie

lec 4 --happiness 1/19/2012 9:11:00 AM Summary of last lecture Reminders  Email to [email protected] o Blackboard check ---for self-evident folders o Attendance at tutorials is mandatory and part of your grade o Two reading each week , before the Tuesday lecture , at least before the tutorials  Circular reasoning o Little princess, why do you drink? –to forget shame? What Definition of happiness  Sense and reference o Sense: The meaning of the concepts ,  gives the ‘specs’(description/specification/classes) the thing has to meet to be called X  aka: Intension of the term  The ‘s’ is not ‘t’, because intention not =intension  Intension is the sense of a word. o reference : collection of the things in the world  the intension of a square: ( sense): it has to have 4 angles  reference of a square: need to find all the things in the world that can be counted as square o relationship bw sense and reference  the more specs you add, the fewer things there will be to meet the requirement  for example, vertebrates and warm blooded –the overlapping ( viviparous: vivi means new born, and parous means to give birth) happiness  what It means, and what consists it?  To find the sense, or meaning, of it, you need to find some criteria first o For example: how you feel at the moment ?  But are you the only judge? ---you may be self- deceived; you may be living a fools’ paradise, full of illusion, l  ike Gadafi claims ‘ everybody loves me’ on TV, you can say he’s living in a fool’s paradise  if you live in a community with God  people may be mistaken to feel they are happy  you should judge until you die  you experience lots of happiness when you are alive  so the most objective judgement should be taken when you are out of this subjective period—aka after death  reference of happiness o now let’s try to find the happy people, or what circumstances make you happy o what sorts of events make up a happy life?  This is differnest from asking ‘what are the criteria of judging happiness’  Because sb is doing something they should be happy ( by sense), but they are not when they are doing so ( by reference) ---may be due to the brain circuit dysfunction  Money ?—only to a certain point of happiness  When you are reach a point when you have enough money, extra money ( additional money) will make no more difference  So it’s a part of happiness, but not sufficient  Pleasure?  Aristotle, when you are doing something happy, u should naturally feel happy  Absence of pain  Honor?  In certain cultures, such as Greece  We think of it differnely from the Greek  You want to be respected , to live a life in which you are honored  Virtue  Within in limits, to be happy is to be virtuous – aristotle ---will talk more!!  Aristotle thinkg: You can’t maintain this in an extreme case, in which , if you are virtuous, then absolutely nothing else can change the fact you are happy , cause you are totally a good person— this is crazy  This extreme case won’t happen when your nails are pulled out  But in natural condition, when you are virciouts, it’s pleasant to do those things, and whn you feel happy  Friends  Sex  Ignorance :  ‘igonorance is bliss’ –when you ignore all the evils ( theft, wars, ), you are happy  problematic answer---what makes you happy?  happiness exist in what you want o differnest things make different ppl happy ] o but what if your wants inflict pains onto others o what you wants may also kills you o you want sth, but when you get it , it just doesn’t do it for
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