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Concepts of God: David Hume

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Karolina Hubner

ndTERMS CONCEPTS OF GOD HUMENOVEMBER 2 2011 1Priori Prior toFoundation of Hume 1 Copy Principleindependent of y Any meaningful idea derives from an impression either sense experience experience or your own mental activity2 A posterioriPosterior from y Empiricism Experience is necessary for knowledge all knowledge experience is a posteriori 3 Conjunction 2 View of causality 4 Problem of a No priori inspection of a the nature of course can reveal link to the theodicy effect b Weve experienced that one thing typically follows another kind of thing Weve experienced a constant con junction of AsBsy Hume You cannot demonstrate rationally that God existsCosmological Argument y A posteriori argument from some fact about the world to Gods necessary existencey Theres no reason to assume everything PSR has a cause y eg The world So these dont have to be a first God cause I Anything can be a cause of anything else as long we are put consulting reason Perhaps matter can produce thought So God could be a body and still produce mindsII Its not necessary to produce an explanation for t
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