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Rationalism, Leibniz

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Monica Boyd

Leibniz God and Individual SubstancesGod According to Leibniz the concept of God is of an absolutely perfect being and thus God possesses all the perfections 184In particular God is infinite in power and knowledge and since God is infinitely wise we know he acts in the most perfect manner 184Two claims about God are particularly important to Leibnizs metaphysics1 God always acts for a reason2 God always chooses whats bestFrom these two principles we can infer that the world God created is the best of all possible worldsBut as our minds are limited we cant always recognize why the universe is ordered ina particular way 186We do know though that God has taken the simplest means to achievehis ends and that he balances the simplicity of the means against the richness or variety of the effectsIndividual SubstancesLeibniz begins his account of substance with the Aristotelian definition a substance is the subject of predicates which is not predicated of something else 188But this definition is incomplete he says we must also consider wha
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