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Ronaldde Sousa

LEc 2 arguments SO types of ethics 1122012 91100 AM Summary of last lectureTrolley and cannibals Ways of thinking whyo Comparison with scie and religionReligion sacredph is universal abut skepticalSci rigourbut ph is no agreed methodSoundness o Premises are true and the argument is deductive Validity ad invalidity Be forced to be free dont believe in anything you were told to do o If you conform then you are rebellious and vice versa Read slowlyand spend time in savouro Everyweek to do turn itto make a summary exactexplanatory and critical of what you read today more a bout argumentnatural realistic fallacytake the fact from the life and use it to decide what is good and bad thi sis called the fact value gapargumets never ture or false sets of propositionswhich can be ture or falsethey can only be valid if deductive or sound to remember ost arguments are not deductive in reality objective and sunjective point of viewo when you are arugenting with someone its not good th o tell them that they are complelty wrong cause no one is persuaded to believe in sth this is the sunjective part of argeumento if you stop right away this is not a persuading sth the objective parto subjective is not sufficiently good enough to make a good argument has to have the objective part tooo if you omit to take the subjective side you may not secure the persuading somte to believe
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