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Lecture 11

PHLA10H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Cogito Ergo Sum

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William Seager

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Philopshy 11th lec?
-knowledge and justification
-s knows that p if and only if
1) p is true
2) s believes that p
3) s is justified in believeing that p
-jtb goes back to ancient times
pthe jtb theory explains a great many knowledge claims
-I know I live in Toronto
-jtb also explains many failures of knowledge
-fail in some cases
- principles of lfailure- one can be justified in believing p even if p might not be true
-if one is jsurtifed in belieing p and p entails q then one is justified in believing in q
-given theses principles can produce counter example to jtb theory of knowledge
-stopped clock example
-are you justofed in believing on the clock on your clock says
-accidental true believes don’t seem to be knowledge even if it is justified
-lottery example would be natural to think justification is with high probability
-doc diff principal one is justified to believing p if extremely likely-bad principal
-correct principal-justified to believe p obnly if 100% certain its right
-philopshical position which asserts that we have no knowledge various form are
-does spectic claim that we can know that spectisum is true
-dream-think its real, but its not
-allusive dream- in dream u know u are dreaming
-test done, when dreaming body paralusied and only can move eyes
-skeptisum acceptable- bad place to end up, we think we know a lot but what is
wrong with simply assigning higher or lower probabilities to our beliefs
-instead of saying that I know what my name is I can say I assign an exxtremly high
proposition my name is
-is my ablity justified?
-skeptisum not easy to escape
-cogito ergo sum- I think therefore I am
-descartes and foundation
-rene Descartes
-life and times
-notable accoplishments
-modern philosophy
-mind body problem
-pysics inertia optics
-join army as officer and travel around with army
-expert swordsman
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