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Lecture 8

PHLA10H3 Lecture 8: Philosophy 8th lecture

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William Seager

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Philosophy 8th lecture
-thurs oct. 10th test in room ac 223
-up until next tues material
-design argument -for exsistentance of god, nit deductive, argument by analogy, or
argument to best explaination
-there must be some designer that puts together everything in nature so that it all
fits perfectly
-therefore it comes very close to what we think of as god
-the designer is very intelligent
-there is designer just good enough that we see in nature
-inference to bet explaintation-compare to alt. explanations
-alternative to design was world happened by random chance-doesn’t seem likely,
not god alt. hypothese
-around 50 yrs ago, figured alt. hypothses-evolution
-evolution vs creationsum
-3 different appraoach of evolution
-theistic evolutionsium
-god created world, once he created he set back world, knew evolution would
happen , everything appaearted according to plan, setting up conditions of evolution
-atheistic evolution-there is no god, only physical processes exsist and they lead to
-creatisum-god created the world, god intervenes the world, young earth,-4,000 ears
-weak creationist arguments
-evolution only theory, only question not taken for proof, all science is only matter
of having theory of relativity-structures and concepts, all theory we every had are
overturned by new evidence what was right about old theory sticks around, huge
amount of hypothesis makes evolution possib;e
-thermodynamics makes evolution impossible-involves conditions under which
order and disover and occur and persist, for closed system-no interaction with other
systems, earth is not closed
-prob. With creationsium-not reallu another hypothesis compared to evolution,
how to test creationsium,
-faith vs science-is creationsium science, hypothesis againt creatisum,
darwins single tree of life-same gentic code, decent of modification, offspring of
parents resemble their parents but not identical, some of the changes in offspring
wil affect their chances to mature and reproduce
-causes and correlations
-correltation when two types of things tend to occur together
-accidental , causal and common casual correltaions
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