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Lecture 6

PHLA10H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Possible World, Fallacy

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William Seager

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Lecture 6
The Birthday Fallacy
Aquinas assumes that this argument is valid:
o Every event has a cause.
o Therefore, there is a cause of every event.
Contingent and Necessary Beings
The contingent is what might not have existed.
The necessary is what must exist
Possible worlds:
Possible worlds are the different ways things could have been
There is a possible world where the dinosaurs did not go extinct.
There is a possible world where Germany won the second world war.
think of possible worlds as corresponding to
long lists of sentences the sentences that are true
in that possible world.
The necessary is what is true in every possible world.
Aquinas Argument From Design:
Some things have a function or which act for an end lack minds.
Anything which has a function or acts for an end but which lacks a
minds must have been designed by someone with a mind.
Therefore, there is a designer who created all such mindless things.
The designer is God.
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