Week 5 Notes

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8 Feb 2011

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Philosophy Notes
Week 5 class 1 & 2
Evolution and Creationism
Theory of Evolution
Two Hypothesis
1. a single tree of life
2. modification by natural selection
-one tree of life means all living creatures are descended from oneoriginal organism
-modification by natural selection involves some extra hypothesis:
ooffsprings inherit the characteristics of their parents
othere is a slight variation in ____ some variations increase fitness of offspring
oe.g. artificial selection
A special case of: speciation
- evolution works by very general modifications
Population gets geography splintered so they evolve (natural selection) to surroundings
Three approaches to the problem of evolution
Theistic evolution
-god created world and stepped away
-let evolution take its course
Atheistic evolution
-there is no god
-only physical processes leading to evolution
-god created world
-god intervenes
-(young earth)
-(no speciation)
Weak Creationism Arguments
Evolution isonly a theory”
-this is true of all science
-the question is: what evidence for theory – hypothesis cant be proven
-although nothing in science can actually be proven, they just provide strong evidence to believe the
Thermodynamics makes evolution impossible
-impossible for order to arise from disorder by natural process
-but this is for “closed systems
-the earth is not closed so the second law is not correct – anything can happen
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