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Lecture 10

PHLA10H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Environmental Determinism, Behaviorism, Multiple Realizability

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William Seager

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Philosophy Assignment 10
Krishani Patel
1. What is a "dispositional analysis" of some concept? Give a new
a. According to dispositional analysis, one’s behavior, and/or
deposition can be used to describe the meanings of mentalistic.
2. What does Sober mean by saying that there is a "physical basis" for
any disposition?
a. Sober states that there is a physical basis for every disposition.
Every dispositional property lies upon this foundation. The
disposition is therefore caused by something to do with an
object’s physical nature.
3. What is "environmental determinism"? Why is it a problem for
methodological behaviourism?
a. Environmental determinism is the idea that the behavioral
di+erences between two or more objects is not a result of
genetic di+erences. Therefore, the genetic di+erences, as well
as the environmental mental states are also not considered
detrimental or constructive to explaining behavioral di+erences
4. Why does the principle of parsimony favour the identity theory over
a. The Parsimony principle states how the complex theories should
not be as preferred as the simpler theories. In the case of
identity theory, it is much simpler.
5. What is the theory called "vitalism"?
a. Vitalism somewhat answers the question of how biological and
physical processes are linked together, by promoting the idea
that everyone has a unique substance within them (that is non-
physical). It fails however, because it was not able to provide a
materialistic answer to the question.
6. Try to explain the type-token distinction.
a. Although two objects can be exactly the same, the type-token
disposition shows how the objects will be/have distinct types
7. What is the "chauvinism" objection to the identity theory?
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