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Lecture 6

PHLA10H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Young Earth Creationism, Evolutionism, Thermodynamics

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William Seager

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LEC 06: Evolution and Creationism
3 approaches to the problem of evolution
- Theistic evolutionism
oGod created world and stepped away
oLet evolution take its course
- Atheistic evolutionism
oThere is no God
oOnly physical processes leading to evolution
- Creationism
oGod created world
oGod intervenes
o(young earth; earth is 4000 years old)
o(no speciation)
Weak Creationism Arguments
- Evolution is ‘only a theory’
othis is true of all science
othe question is: what evidence for theory
- Thermodynamics makes evolution impossible
oNo order from disorder
oBut this is for ‘closed systems’
oThe earth is not closed
- Problems with Creationism
oViolent implausibility
‘young earth’ creationism
No speciation creationism
- Faith vs. Science
oIs creationism science?
oOr religion?
oWhich religion?
How Evolution Works
Darwin’s assumptions; ‘tree of life’
- Descent with modi7cation
- Darwin noticed three things
oO8spring resemble their parents
oO8spring are not identical to their parents
- Darwin hypothesized that:
osome of the changes in o8spring will a8ect their chances to mature
and reproduce
- Compare arti7cial selection
The Tree of Life Hypothesis
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