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PHLA11H3 Lecture Notes - Experience Machine

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Kelin Emmett

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Ethics Tutorial #2.
4 objections to utilitarianism
1. doctrine worthy of a swine
2. too demanding
two different objections within
1. cognitive
2. normative/ethical
3. no time to calculate
4. experience machine
objection to the hedonism part of utilitarianism
writing assignment #1.
not an essay
not an argument
only explain the objection in own words
by way of concrete examples
following too closely to text or lecture slides
not ideal
utilitarianism and how it works
focus of last tutorial (Tutorial #1.)
too normative/ethical
seems like utilitarianism is committed to
calling a lot or most of our actions immoral
more acts that are wrong
the way the objection works
based on how utilitarianism is formulated
an act is right if an only if utility is maxed compared to the other options
every day, daily actions do not always max utility
wrong, impermissible
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