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Lecture 19

PHLB05H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 19: Consequentialism

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Joshua Brandt

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Lecture 19: More on the concepts of Favoritism (Cottingham)
- Personal Interests
o Justifying partiality is in virtue of its connection to a persos iterest.
- Argument of partiality:
o nobody can lead a life of distinctive value.
o must create some space to do things you care about.
o Objection: this view egotistical?
Response: No. (answer in next point).
- how does partiality relate to close connections?
o without partiality, valuable relationships cannot exist
o family is NECESSARY in fulfilling human life.
o having impartiality will result in no friends.
o Human flourishment cannot guard down consequentialism (normal ethical
- Is Cottighas arguet suessful?
o Maybe; How could Singer respond to this?
He could say that people have fulfilling lives by devoting themselves to
the good of the world.
- Partiality and racism:
o We dot eed rais; ut e do eed projets (thigs people do that proide
enjoyment) & relationships for living fulfilling lives.
- Partiality and Nationality:
o needs more investigation done
o ulear if e NEED it or dot NEED it.
- Justification of National Partiality (Hurka)
o How we can justify national partiality (main point)
- Justification of Love
o what justifies love? Definitely not these:
o Therefore, love is not justified.
o Justifies our love? Stereotypical answers:
Sense of humor
deet perso
The stuff above doest justify loe. Why?
o if another person has the same qualities that are similar to
another person (possibly better); they would move to that
other person.
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