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PHLB13H3 Lecture Notes - Asian Values, Health Impact Fund, Global Health

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Lynda Lange

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Feminism Session 7
Canadian government
protects patents
Academics Standing Against Poverty
status quo (SQ)
one of the most common methods of defense
there is no available alternative to SQ
(no alternative)
Bill C-398
(long story)
comparison of pre-TRIPS and SQ
prefers pre-TRIPS over SQ
argues against TRIPS
poorest countries have thin layer of rich people who can afford medicine
poor can get (afford) medicine when patents expire, approx. 20 years later
admits that TRIPS does good things
notes that there is a feasible alternative to TRIPS
it (TRIPS) is not morally acceptable because there is an alternative
argues for the Health Impact Fund (HIF)
asks serious moral questions
normative argument
some people will say that it’s unjust and others say that it’s acceptable
because some benefit to someone
ex. residential schools
some are marginally better off than they were
perhaps they could be even better off
main logical flaws in these arguments
Pogge argues for the HIF
possible alternative over the plus and minuses of the SQ
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