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march 20th 3/20/2012 8:06:00 AM
Comparisns of animals and humans
Why killing is wrong for this week
Value of life
There has to be something that is about being live\
We human have sensation of pain, while animals don’t’
The awlfulness of pain
Ppl use this as technique to control pain
o To concentrate on the character of the pain
o Just concentrate on the feeling itself, what is it ache, what’s
the quality of the sensation?
o Then you’ll find the awfulness will diminish
o This has neurological grounds
There’s the sensation and emotional awfulness of ‘pain’
o In surgery, or using morphine and heroine, I still feel the
pain, but I don’t mind it anymore
Seems contradictory, cause we normally think pain
But actually the sensation is there, but the awfulness
can be stopped
For animals, the awareness of what pain might mean?
o The awresns has to do with thinking
o We assume animals don’t talk, no apprehension of their
o We are concerned about our future after realizing the pain
o The anticipation : I’m anticipating that this is going to get
worse, I might go dead… but we assume that animals have no
ability to anticipate
Intensity of pain is important
o When compare the pains, we can’t tell what the intensity of
the pain from another person
o If you scream louder, it means your pain is worse, or you are
worse of a person (less intolerance)

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o Interpersonal comparison, is difficutl, let alone human and
WHAT it means to experience the intensity?
o The louderness of scream
How much you are tyring to get away from sth
So this maybe a measure of sensation,
But it’s just a sigh and evidience, not a measure!!
o If you want to measure the quality of something
o How to measure of the duration of the pain
The perception of time by animal is differnet from
You know nothing moves on the projector when
watching moves
What you see is just a sequence of separate
images you brain construct the movment even
there’s no movement
But if you were abee, then you see the
seqwuwnce of still pictures, no movement at all !
Our brain is slower than bees
The lifespan is differnet inter-speciesly
So a pain that’s 20 seconds long makes a bigger
difference in a dog’s life than for humans
Total range of possible experience
The point of education is to broaden the range of
The range of pleasures , or even experience, is
vastly increased by knowledge increase
Junior seaza wiki
Life after death
What does it mean?
It has contradiction in itself
o From biological aspect, death is the end of life
It can be your life after my death
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