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26 Mar 2012
Lec 1 1/10/2012 9:17:00 AM
Do the critical summary every week and turn it in ---will do well in the final
Lets’ consider the two scenarios
Would you flip the switch on the rail to divert the trolley?
Without the switch, you are on the bridge with a fat boy---would you push
the bulk down to the rail
The two results were the same, but ppl vote for different options
Scenario 1: the starving exploreers what options to choose?
A questions about moral
Scenario 2: should Mr . Meives be condemmed for murder, when Mr
Brandes already gave him the conset to be eaten
-since it was consensual, Mr Merview shouldn’t be charged
case reopened, it was found that the Brandes was heavily druged,
and no longer consented to be eaten at the moment at the murder
questions about questions
this is just one definition about philo
discussing what you ought to do
o eight reasons to answer these questions
compare it to religion and science ---to reveal the nature of philo
aim to what it means to be in a situation to make a decidsion, what
is our place in the universe
you can equalize these questions with answering a religious
but different from religions in the following three aspects
o in religious, something is sacred extreamely consequences ,
hence need to be handled with
some religious questions/topics carries a punishment of
death, as they are sacred
while in philosiphi, you have nothing sacred ---the
crucial difference !!!!
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o philo is to
in regiuious, you are supposed to belived, you are
taught to believe , but philo doesn’t force you to believe
in things , it inspire, aspire ppl to believe in general
it’s hence more like science, but in science, you are
asked about specific questions, but in general in
in the way of approaching, and method, it’s similar to
o philo is skeptical
‘ scope’ –means to examine, such as telescope
vs science
philo doesn’t have universal rules to solve or answer questions
o you know how to find the answer, even thou you don’t know
what the result is ---what is on the other side of the moon
o in philo , the method themselves are perpectuated , --a bag
of tricks
philo is constanly looking for ansers, and once it succeedsin doing
so, this philo becomes science
o newton
o in the past 150 years, psychology becomes one sector of
science, and stands itself out of the realm of philo
explanations and argument
another way of thinking of philo ---in terms of ‘ argument’
using ‘argument’ ( talking about it, giving you a caption ) to chance
the view of the world ---ethical decisions
o by talking / arguing about it, you ‘lll see things differently ---
the Mexican riding a bicycle, and seen from the top
what is to ‘explain’
once explaining to you why I’m successful, you ‘ll say: oh, yeah,
you are successful
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