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3) There is quite a large difference in terms of male and female representation in sports media.
First of all, the media favours male athletics and provides more coverage of male athletes and
sports as its main target is young heterosexual men(2,3). A very small proportion of sport media
time is spent covering females and the media is struggling to cover female sports without
annoying the majority of their audience(2). Women’s events, unlike men’s, are always marketed
with reference to gender, this can been seen in the Women’s World Cup or in leagues like the
WNBA(2). In terms of photographs, male athletes are portrayed playing the sport while females
are seen standing around in a passive portrayal (2,3). The majority of photographs involving
women in sport has to do with specific body parts (2,3). Finally, the media will usually refer to
male and female athletes differently. Females are referred to as girls or by their first name, while
males are never referred to as boys and are always called by their last name(2). For male athletes
the positive aspects of how they are portrayed is that the great amount of attention the media
gives male sports has helped male athletes make more money due to the popularity(6). Also, it
allows male athletes to be some of the most known role models in the world and helps young
male athletes to be motivated to continue playing sports in hopes of becoming a start athlete.
This can help increase physical activity in young children. Some negative aspects of the way
males are represented is that there is now a societal norm of what a male athlete should be (1,4).
Male athletes are now supposed to be tough, strong and incredibly ripped(1). This can drastically
affect their lifestyles. This can be seen as male athletes do not report concussions, sexual abuse
or their sexual orientation(1,4). They are afraid of the backlash they could receive by not being
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