POLB50Y3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Canadian Nationalism, Agreeableness, Belief

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1 Feb 2013

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POLB52: Lecture 4 January 31st 2012
Theories force us to clarify our thinking about topics. In psychological explanation, we are
psychological animals and we have characteristics we share in common even animals. We have
psychological characteristics that are different, different dispositions.
Ideology refers to all kinds of different things but mostly as belief system in politics
which is an individualistic way of thinking about ideology. Converse –“a configuration of
ideas and attitudes in which the elements are bound together by some form of
o We have thoughts about how the world would be.
o Belief system interrelated ideas and attitudes bound together with some
constraint. (Converse)
o Constraint *slide* Ex. If you tell me your opinions about gay adoption. Should
gay couples be allowed to adopt children? Some degree of success in predicting
your opinion about gay adoption given some knowledge to your idea.
o Probability that change in precede status of one idea element *slide* Different
kinds of ideas we hold.
Ex. You support of all kinds of policies that are design to restrict green
house gas emission that makes the environment bad. Global warming is
manmade, if I could prove that green house gases wasn’t created by
humans then your belief system is wrong.
o Each of us harbours a believe system but have some common beliefs. This is why
people talk about left and right. People can dislike conservative, socialism,
liberalism, etc.
o Some of us may not be conscious about ideology or developed ideology yet.
Where do they get worldview ideas? Some ideas that we are committed to we cannot
believe other people doesn’t believe in them (ex. Equal rights). They are in fact
fundamentally rare worldwide.
Ideology is often used to refer to property or a group of society. (Catholic, Islamic,
liberal ideology) Mariheim- Its the idea that theres a worldview as a group as a whole
where we can list characteristics of its ideology. Each people in the group don’t share all
of the ideology in that group. It’s not about the aggregation about our thoughts. A group
ideology is not some idea that every group people share.
o If we live in a free society where we can be exposed to any knowledge, why do
we agree with each other on these matters of fundamental principal and we
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