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Lecture 4

POLB50Y3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Qwerty, Limited Government, Path Dependence

Political Science
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Cont’d from lecture 3
Legislative create laws
Judicial interpret laws
Executive enforce laws
Unitary state: final authority/sovereignty resided in a single government
Can have multiple levels of government in place
Municipalities are just subdivisions
Central + provincial government
Federal state
Power divided between levels
Neither level is subordinate to another
Cannot exert control outside its sphere of power
Federalism allowed creation of Canada
Direct: have direct say in issues
Indirect: elect people to represent us in government
Limited government
Government cannot do certain things; interpreted by the judicial system
Constitution protects certain spheres of our lives
Have protection despite majority of society opposes you
i.e. government cannot ban your religion
i.e. cannot criminalize sexuality
i.e. freedom to association with other groups
i.e. freedom of speech protests
Constitutional supremacy
constitution includes federal + provincial governments
all governments are below the constitution
government cannot do as they please against the constitution; illegal
individual rights exist as sometimes majorities opposed
Path dependence
when you make an initial decision it is
but as you keep going on your path it becomes hard to revoke/change your chosen path
i.e. the QWERTY keyboard phenomenon
created to slow down type writers from typing
QWERTY became the norm
Too costly
Limited government more complicated in reality than in theory
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