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9 Feb 2011

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Lecture One: January 20, 2011 Americanization of Canada
1. Certain ideas that are Canadian/American
2. US in a different position than Canada
oComparable only in location
oComparison between the two isn't really fair
Comparison: America and Canada
AmericaCanada Analysis
(GDP)14.1 Trillion
USD1.34 Trillion
1. US GDP = almost as
much as the EU combined
2. US Economy is 3 times
as large as the Chinese economy
3. Canada has the 10th
largest economy in the world
4. The economy of
California is larger than the
economies of all but 8 countries in
the world.
Spending 663.3 billion
USD20.5 billion USD5. Each aircraft carrier
carries more than most countries
entire militaries
6. Almost as much as
combined military spending of all the
countries in the world (US)
7. Canada = 13th largest
military spending in the world
8. Not even 3% of what the
US spend
9. 1.5 mill active soldiers
(US) vs. 65 000 (CAN)
Culture10. In
2009/20, 19 of
the top 20
most watched
TV shows in
Canada were
produced in
the US
11. Of
the top 20
songs in
Canada, all
but one was
produced in
the US
12. Key issues: abortion,
death penalty, gay marriage, social
security, etc.
13. More or less, Canadians
share the same views on politics,
economics, etc.
14. On global standards, the
differences between Canada and the
US are quite small
ndanceTrade = 1.5
billion USD
each day
Military =
15. 30
% of Canada's
GDP is in
exports, 70%
of which goes
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