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Lecture 03 Notes

Political Science
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Chris Gibbs

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Lecture Two
Political Parities
To understand political parties as a means to organizing people and ideas to influence policy
To understand the ideologies upon which Canadas major parties are built
To understand party systems in Canada to understand historical change withi n and betwee n parties
To reflect on Current Parties in Power
Political Parties
An organized group that nominates candidates for and contests elections in order to influence the
personnel and policy of government
Only organized role that can formally govern
Major roles:
oCandidate nomination who gets to run
oLeadership selection the Party selects and one will become Prime Minister
oElectioneering participating and engaging in electoral campaign (The Big Red
Machine Trude au); organize, group, promote, etc.
oPolitical Socialization socialize and shit
oGovernment Formation forms the government/opposition. This leads too:
oLegislature Formation voting blocks and law-making power
oPolicy Making winners
Political Spectrum
A continuum that plots political ideologies
Left to Right wing (more or less government)
Left = Socialism/more government
Right = Conservatism/l ess government
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