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15 Apr 2012
Canadian federal, provincial and municipal governments have developed a highly
complex system of ongoing relationships between and among themselves. The
most significant of these relationships involve the distribution of large amounts of
funding from the federal government to the provinces and territories and, in turn,
to municipalities and other organizations.
Intergovernmental Relations at the Time of Confederation
- powers of the Lieutenant-Governors of disallowance and reservation
- customs and excise tax revenues taken over by the federal government
- debt allowances, annual grants, per capita grants, special grants.
Intergovernmental Relations Since Confederation
- conferences of the Prime Minister and the Premiers, i.e. First Ministers’
Meetings (FMM)
- Premiers conferences and the Council of the Federation (COF) meetings
- co-operative federalism
- executive federalism
- intergovernmental meetings of officials
- federal-provincial and intergovernmental departments and agencies.
Federal-Provincial Fiscal Relations
- conditional grants
- federal spending power
- Rowell-Sirois Commission
- vertical fiscal imbalance
- horizontal fiscal imbalance
- Unemployment Insurance amendment to the Constitution in 1940
- wartime agreements and post-war five-year agreements, opting out
arrangements, federal-provincial-territorial agreements
- Equalization payments and Territorial Formula Financing (TFF)
- Section 36 of the Constitution Act of 1982 dealing with equalization and
regional disparities
- Canada Health Act’s 5 conditions for receiving federal funding
- Canada Assistance Plan (CAP), Established Programs Financing (EPF)
- Paul Martin Budget of 1995 and the Canada Health and Social Transfer
- Canada Health Transfer (CHT)
- Canada Social Transfer (CST).
Federal Provincial Tax Agreements
- personal income tax agreements and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
- corporate income tax agreements
- sales taxes: GST, provincial sales taxes, HST
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