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17 Apr 2012
POLA51 05/04/2012 6:25:00 AM
Dwight Duncan- on minister of finance
Jim Flaherty fed minister of finance
Political party- determines who runs the country; didn’t exist in the 1930’s
Function of the 1980th century
How do you start? Having a bunch of Group of MP’s and Parliament, form a
cohesive unit
Political parties should be consiliators, mediators
Party should be able to bring together of people with diff religions,from diff
regions, based on platforms in diff cleavages, should be reconciliated to
bring people together
Ideological parties- aim to a particular ideologies or views
Canada had 2 political systems: liberals and conservatives, from British
political system
WW1 conservatives had broken the whole idea of politics- union govt,
imposed scription
1921= election of 65 progressive- usually a farmer, from a small area
1930’s depression area
social credit party- more to the west
joined with Canadian labour of commerce before forming NDP
by 1950’s/60’s we had 4 political parties
PQ ran in only elections in Quebec to form separatism
Union Nationale -1930’s also ran in Quebec-
PQ provincially and federally, dominated
Former MP’s to form sovereignty
Provincial NDP, quebec only has a federal NDp, DQ at provincial and federal
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Mostly funding- spend a lot of money on election campaigns, during the 1st
Distributed the whole party in Canada
1974 passed elections expenses act implement to try and curb abuses for
election expenses
TD AND RBC can’t give a lot of money to political party
Individual support groups
Policy community not organized, govt agencies, groups, institutions, medi
context and individuals, might be health care
Policy networks- actors people who interact with each other in a formal
matter, small group who work together such as healthcare
Interest groups- tied in govt departments
685 lobbying firms
if you live in a nice house, lose chances of being sick
americans spend more on health care than any other countries
hospitilazation- you wouldn’t have to pay to do something- Saskatchewan ,
free hospital care til mid 1957. They passed hospital act
Saskatchewan was the first one to get free health care- tommy douglas
1961- aurora health permission
1975 canada health act
- comprehensive- health insurance, cover all insured medical, every service
from doctor, had to be covered my medi care,
universal - had to be universal, all persons must be covered under
uniformed term of conditions, you can’t charge any person
portable- with the use of OHIP plan, had to cover individuals from diff
accessible- provide access to individuals no extra charges
publicly administered- non profit organizations, within sphere of govt.
committed to and health act
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