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17 Apr 2012
29/03/2012 12:13:00 PM
Multiculturalism and Diversity
1971 passage of the multiculturalism act
changing demographics
old idea of “charter groups” discarded on account of pressure from „third-
force‟ Canadians
the relationship b/w English-French and Aboriginal Canadians
institutionalized early on pp. 440
Multiculturalism: „There are no official cultures in Canada = concept rejected
in Quebec
Trudeau English Canada doesn‟t have a culture
- I‟ m going to give it one
interculturalism in Quebec
Canada as Constitutional Monarchy
Any action of the govt is taken in the Queen‟s name
Duties carried out by govt general
„symbolic‟ role
reminder of colonial ties to Britain and dominant of British-origin Canadians
good or bad?
Constitutional crises should the GG have a significant influence (eg
There are periods that arise the powers of govt general. Has a lot of duties,
they become less important
Powers of the PM
S 11 and s 13 of the Constitutional Act are the formal sources of his or her
power p 8
Much of his power is derived from convention
Govt general takes advice from pretty council
S. 54 also important because it gives control over the budget and money
matters to the cabinet
Wide range powers of appointment and decision making pp 239-40
Responsible govt is another conventions strengthens the PM‟s power
Creates a distinction to bills
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