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17 Apr 2012

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POLA51- week 9 29/03/2012 6:38:00 AM
Base respresentation, based on regions 24 ontario, 24 quebec, 24 maritimes
West became another territorial district 6 BC, 6 Alberta
House of commons determined by population
Regional representation of the house, senate are appointed by govt of the
day, not by vote
Upper chamber represented by minorities or regions
Senate criticized because it represents corporations ( big businesses)
Franchise- who gets the vote? Anyone 18 can vote
1867 smaller group of people elected
had to be a citizen, male/female, be part of constituency to go to that riding
senate was constructed by regional representation by those who could vote,
rep by pop
nwt ndp
3 constituency in Toronto
with redistriubutions with gerry manning- drawing constituency parties
smaller consistency, parties, etc
re-adjustment act
regionalism- regional Canada , dominated by ndp previously by bloc
quebecois in quebec
fair vote Canada-
regional parties are better than national parties
who votes,who doesn’t vote and why?
Voter turn out to who is eligible to vote
Why don’t people vote?
- ill/disable
- people living in big cities
- you don’t know how to vote
- not interested
-too busy
- out of town
declining voter turnout
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