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24 Apr 2012

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Week 2: January 19th
Political socialization is a continuous learning process involving both emotional
learning and manifest political indoctrination; it is the process of induction into the
political culture. Agents of political socialization:
- Family
- School
- Peers/friends/ acquaintances
- Mass media
- Religion, political parties, groups, corporations, governments
Political culture refers to the political values, attitudes and beliefs of the citizens of a
political system which, in turn, determine political action or behaviour.
- Cognitive, affective and evaluational elements
Canadian Political Culture
- Democracy
- Popular sovereignty
- Political equality
- Political freedom
- Majority rule
- Contrast with American political culture
- Importance of religion; individualism vs. collectivism; particularism, diversity and
tolerance; traditional deference to authority; egalitarianism
Political Subcultures are distinctive collections of values, beliefs, attitudes, identities,
and orientations held by smaller groups within a society.
- Regional political subcultures in Canada
Ideology includes a logically coherent system of symbols which links the cognitive and
evaluative perception of one’s social condition to a program of collective action for the
maintenance, alteration or transformation of society.
- Left, Right and Centre
- Socialism versus capitalism
- Communism, democratic socialism, liberalism, conservatism, fascism, naziism
Ideology in Canada, i.e. predominance of liberal, conservative and social democratic
- Liberalism, liberal values, liberal democracy
Paul Nesbitt-Larking and Michael Adams. “Is the Canadian Political Culture Becoming Americanized?”
Crosscurrents: Contemporary Political Issues, Sixth Edition edited by Mark Charlton and Paul Barker, p. 2.
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