29 Mar 2011
Canadian democracy
Types of Regimes
x Monarchy; king and queen
x Dictatorship;
x Theocracy; laws/rules based on relgion
x Aristocracy/Oligarchy;
x Democracy;
x Liberal Democracy: we can seperate what the government can make a desicion on and what it
cant (when were talking about government in canada, US were talking about liberal demroacy)
Orgins of Democracy;
x in aincent athnes, (men) would make desicons on issues
x this is known as direct demcroacy- because people make desicions directly
x court cases were founded by mass juries
x Referndum: an election held to allow people to have a say on a issue (this is what we use in
canada now) ex; charlottetown accord
x meesh lake was an negoation and comprimise to get quebec to sign the constituion
The power to make laws
x we need someone to MAKE laws aka the parliment of canada
x we need someone to ENFORCE laws aka the rideau hall
x we need someone to INTERPERT laws aka Supreme Court of Canada
united States
x Clinton was impeached forlying under oath and Andrew Johnson was impeached
x congress can impeach the president however the presidetn can defend its self
x president cant create laws and pass it he has to go through congress
x if congres creates a law president has to sign it and he can VETO it
x IN US the exuctive is elected by people
x the president of the US cannot introduce legistlation in cogress is hast o find
someone in legislation
x the quen is a symbolicc figure head
x The exuctive governmentandauthority of an d over canda is declired bythe queen
x gov. gen acts by and with the adgcie ofthe PM
x by convention theo only advice the GOV. GEN LISTEN TO advoioserse that are
appointed tot he cabnet by the pm and the house of commons suppport
x so if 50% plus 1 member agree
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