POLB81H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Comparative Advantage, Structural Adjustment, Infant Mortality

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POLB81 Lecture 4 January 28th 2012.
Global Governance Forum: Instance of Institutionalism we have a set actors (business
elites). Business elites say global capitalism isn’t going to solve these problems.
Capitalism is not the solution. They see economic development through education to
solve problems. It’s also much decentralized.
o Instant: The need to go beyond institutionalism.
o Instant: Feminism. Empowering women
o Instant: limnality state of being in between two things. We’re sort of in
between worlds. Our institutions are not that good.
o Instant: Transgovernmental transnationalism perspective one of the ways
people outside protesting, try to deal with large global issues. You’re not going
to see hegemonism inside the building.
o Notion of global governance are going to evolve
Poverty and Development
o What do we need? What’s the problem?
o Video: Mostly on the economic perspective (economic growth, standard of
living). White British male experts talking about development in other places.
Problem of income growth. How the international community define this
problem to solve it.
Video is really good in terms of defining the problems through
low income = Low standard of living = the problem of productivity
Therefore, they spend most of the time talking about the problem
of productivity. What problems or needs stop us from increasing
Focus of governance. Why do we have low productivity and how
can that be overcome?
It is hotly disputed. Video’s perspective accepted well in
organizations, other actors would dispute almost everything that
was said there. You’re perspective on the problem really shape
what the solutions are and what appropriate governance may be.
We still don’t know the answer. They talked about multiple
answers. In the end of the video, there are still a lot of problems.
o Scope: It could be Individual problem of income. Most people don’t have
enough money. What are the implications of this in terms of standard of
living, In terms of education, access of food, good water, etc?
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