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POLB81H3 Lecture Notes - Kyoto Protocol, Marxism, United States Housing Bubble

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Week 12 2013-04-01 07:56:00
Global Governance Forum :
Instance of institutionalism ;
Instant of international relations ;
Global problem ( cyprus has some relatively leninent tax laws , cyprus collapses then the
Russians that put there looking for other tax ;
Complex , because there are so many actors participating in global politics ( THIS IS
JUST oNE DAY in new york times)
THE ROUTE CAUSE OF THE FINANCIAL CRIS in 2008 was the housing bubble (
cities acting global politics)
The state is absloutely acting in global policitcs ( Isalmists fighters sip back )
The tar sands disaster ( between two states)
These four issues are going to circumbise global politics in ways ;
What is the difference between Global Governance and Conventional IR ?
Learned something about gloval governance
have we learned anything ?
Internatnoal relations is revolving around staets , global governance issues on a local
Foreign politics( Simplifier : IR) : Instituonal instituions ( GLOBAL GOVERNANCE)
Instituionalis perspective is really comfortable with the International relations ;
Its about states cooperating , states and there interests of there power , is at the heart of
global governance;
Murphy ( PRivate authority) : diverse actors ,
Instituionalism matches well with liberalism of IR theory ; HOWEVER soe of the others
one like cosmopolitanism and transnaitnaism ( some fit with liberlaims)
Rehectionsim : realism
HEgeminism : marxism
Constructivism ( talks about social construction , so therefore it can fit with anything)
Connection between what IR and what global governance is ;
set of IR tools develop to understand state interaction , but have been adpated to what is
a more complex situation.
Gloabl politics and global governance imply that tehre are more diverse things going in
terms of the actors , issues, and the sacel of conflcits between globaland local.
It is also clear that global governance is hard and hard to do .
USe of NY times to demonstrate how global governance is complex ;
Each one of the issues , it is clear that the state interaction run into lack of state capacity
, other actors being authorative , these issues dont fit neatly into state to state
What makes each one of these issues ahrd to deal with it , in terms of what
transanaitonalism role
Global ISsue Common Concern vs Sovreigntiy
Poverty and Developpment
- states cannot do it own there own
-forces them into interction with other states
- They cannot do much because they take a top-down
-local context is key , CORRUPTION
-states do not have resources so need
global economic forces ;
Why the WB is the solution to this problem,
but the WB is nto necessairly overcome some
of these difficulties; are political not technocratic
Modern Conflict
When does the state intervene ?
Sovereigntiy means never having to intervene
unless there is genocide ( now there are conflicting ideas on when to intervene)
transnational conflicts;
For example : Darfur genocide not restricted ,to Darfur
see refugee camps in sudan
Financial Crisis
- States cant do it own there own ;
global causes /local causes
US housing bubble , crashing domestic
global cause : because international banks
are buying these mortgaged back
Not just US Evestments , European
The global pool of money look for places
to invest ;
Product of particular period to deregulate financial sector
Climate change
States cannot do it own there own
Global causes/local causes
Global effects/local effects;
What the global and local
causes are
It is a common theme , ofcousre the state centreed system has a
mechanism , its not that the state doesnt know. They have always known
this ; The solution to this is to create instituions;
Not enough to handle these tensions and problems
wB has yet to solve the poverty
UN has not done waay wth genocidie
the IMF has not stopped financial crisis
UN CLIMATE negotaitnon yet to come up with an effective treaty ;
State-centric governance cannot solve the problem , thats why there
become dieverse actors ; transomfrton from HEGEMONISM , modify the
instiutional from transnationalsm ; Radical means in cosmopolitianism ;
Glbal governance is not about understaind , how these perspectices tell us
about how good we are at actuall manging these problems ;
that means different things
IS it poorly done ?
are rules that are being made actual solving problems;