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Lecture 2

POLB81H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: International Relations Theory, Global Governance, Neoliberalism

Political Science
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Matthew Hoffmann

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4 Theoretical perspectives on Global Governance
Conclusions and Comparison
International Relations theory as Global Governance perspectives:
GG perspectives:
5 key questions:
What counts as governance?
Who are the governors?
What needs governing?
What do we have to work with?
What is the purpose of global governance?
Liberalism/ NLI/ Neo-liberalism:
-Intergovernmental organizations (IGOs)
-STATES (most important actors)
-national actors
-mutual gains
-organizations make transaction costs lower
-deters cheating
What counts?
-co-operation problem
-international bureaucracies
Who governs?
-states (representatives, officials in IGOs)
-IGOs (only as long as States are working within them)
-IGOs no independent but grouping of states
Puzzles? (what need governing?):
-highlight problems (1st) (co-operation) a set of problems to focus on
-institutional design
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