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Published on 2 Jun 2011
Political Science
Gender and Development
I. The Status of Women
II. Women in Development (WID)
III. Gender and Development (GAD)
IV. Women, Culture and Development (WCD)
V. Strategies for Empowering Women
I. The Status of Women
Subordination of women: the situation whereby men as a group have more social and economic power
than women, including power over women.
Structures of Subordination
Triple Workload of Women of the South
The Impact of SAPs on women
II. Women in Development (WID)
Features of WID
Practical vs. Strategic Gender Needs
III. Gender and Development (GAD)
Features of GAD
IV. Women, Culture and Development (WCD)
Features of WCD
V. Strategies for Empowering Women
Empowerment: the process of increasing the capacity of individuals or groups to make choices and to
transform those choices into desired actions and outcomes.
Strategic Priority Areas:
a) Education
b) Guarantee sexual and reproductive health
c) Improve infrastructure
d) Guarantee property and inheritance rights
e) Employment and income generation
f) Increase women’s political rights
g) Address violence against women
when programs focus exclusively on women, you put them in a vulnerable position; creates internal
conflict between members of same groups in society. eg. Jamaica - black, ghetto, males were being
excluded (university of west indies was 80% women). Men were actually being excluded because of
initiatives form women.
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