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Political Science
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Robin Ramcharan

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POLB80 October 28, 2010 New approach Constructivism holds two attractions: - The potential to provide a methodology which helps to explain how “change” occurs in IR, and - To go beyond state-based analysis, towards norms in IR o Ex. Between National Security (comprehensive security, non-power based, peace strategies) o Alexander Wendt: Anarchy is what states make of it (socially constructed) o Normative approach helps us to understand shift from cold war, bi-polar to uni-polar world to other types of systems. Post Cold War Challenges Legacy of CW era: - Managing Soviet disintegration (CIS): filling vacuum, ensure stability; prevent internal conflict - Nuclear non-proliferation (NPT) > global problem o Managing Russian nukes - NATO > expansion problematic for Russia - EU > expansion (human rights; rule of law) o Created with Americans to create a strong European bloc o Different kind of power at core of European power; soft power (human rights and rule of law) - Local crisis spots: o North Korea Peninsula (leadership transition – as they are going through now; inherently instable) o Israel-Palestine (End of Oslo process)  Had agreement during 1990s, will it re-surface? - Peacekeeping – expansion of UN PKOs o Use of force Uni-polarity: managing American power - US: Enjoy peace dividend vs - Demand for American leadership: o Integrating Russia in the Global Economy  Required American leadership; WTO o Asian Security (Spratly Islands); south east countries were begging U.S. to stay to protect them from China, other big Asian powers - Arab – Israeli Dispute o Americans have leverage to negot
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