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POLA90 Lec 9
Sierra Leone:
History of colonialism
Ethnic differences
Alluvial diamonds
Foreign involvement
Troubles in bordering nations
All ugly forms of civil war
Corruption and violence
Beyond Greed and Grievance:
More than grievance, opportunity (to take advantage) is what leads to war
Bougainville: part of Papua New Guinea, but more closely associated with the
Solomon Islands
Discovered by French, part of Britain, the Germany, then Australia, then Japan,
then Australia, then Papua New Guinea. Initially was part of Solomon Islands
Became autonomous; still part of papua new guinea, but has own regional
Strong conservative undercurrent; not fighting for better tomorrow, fighting not to
repeat not-too-distant past
Mine causes grievances, going beyond money (but still a part of it), connection with
Alluvial diamonds are lootable (can carry in pockets), but deep copper mines take
capital, management, coordination, engineering, so not lootable. Have to dig in there
for the capital. Violence = lack of capital
Lootable funds fighting, but unlootable cant so it creates anger and leads to war
Violence in Sierra Leone worse because dont need the population to get the
diamonds and capital, in Bougainville they need the people because if they’re
fighting then they need others to farm and keep everyday activities going
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