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14 Apr 2012
Polc40 current topics in politics
Lecture 2-Week Two May 17th 2011
Autocracy- rule of one.
Liberal Democracy- (Canada) electing representatives (dont vote for PM or Senators in Canada), semi
represented by Mps
-rights and welfare of the indiviudal, state has to right to interefer with life, liberity and security.
Group Rights- Aboriginials, women, minorities.
Criticisms of democracy- champion the casue of democracy is through affiliation with the Queen, the US
does not have that affiliation-they do not support anything related to the Bristish Monarchy.
Political Entities- the apparatus that passses policies, enforces laws, trade commerce, the physical
apparatus. The nation is the people, protects citzens
State-orgainization of the political community.
Soverignty- example- US invadse Pakistan to kill OBL What if US executed the Maples Leafs?
The control and regualte everything within define boarders, the rest of the world recognizes it as a
soverign state. (Pakistan is a soverign state- US still invaded it, it was illegal, did not notify the country)
Hiearchy of power in amongst sovereign states.
Palestine is not sognverign, not recognized as a state
US more cautious to get a terrorist in London than in Pakistan
creation of nation states created people of all Austrians previously as the empires breakdown then you see
identity politics, who represents the state? Conflict emerges from ethnic idenittiy,
Types of governemnts
autocracy, monacry, police state, a theoautocracy (a relgious seed is the soverign, religious head is the
head of state, Iran), representative democracy, socialists state, presidential system.
Political theogoloy-most staates are govenred by poltical theory that is the securlaized religious thought
Political Systems
Secuirty – degree of protection, how safe do we feel. Whta is an inadequate amount of saftey? Bad in
temrs feeling safe within a state in psoing laws to uphold safetly.
- view that governemnts should not be involved in food etc but states provide secuirty and level of
comfort for our well being,
Week 3- Tuesday May 24th, 2011
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