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4 Feb 2011
Lecture One
Ideologies is the study of ideas (or how ideas come to be how they are) this is NOT the sense
meant in the course
Every ideology does four basic things:
oExplanation why the world is the way it is and how things work (why what happened
actually happened)
oEvaluation Was it good or bad?
oOrientation Provides a source of identity and community
oPol i tical Program Each ideology tells you how the world should be changed
Every ideology todays views itself in the service of human freedom
Triadic Model is a way of understanding freedom and what a person means by freedom:
oThe agent is not always the individual (it could be the institution); its the person/group
that you are trying to defend and help reach their goal
oThe goal is your freedom (or lack off) to do whatever you want (or not)
oObstacles are those that stop you (agent) from attaining the goal
If youre a socialist :
Agent The working class
Obstacle The capitalist
Goal Free the working class
Just bec a us e you think youre free does not mean you are free
King Parliament
oHouse of Lords The wealthy, rich and elite. Have a lot of land and peasants to work for
oHouse of Commons To sit in the Commons you still have to be very rich (merchant or
army commander). You must also be rich to vote for those in the House of Commons (40
shillings ).
o95% of the population had no say as to who is in Parliament
oParliament is NOT supreme (the King is st ill in charge); but in order to raise money the
King must get permission from Parliament
oEvery couple of years the king calls the group when he needed money (they did not sit
together making laws)
oThis is what caused the civil war King wanted more and more money to fight wars and
the nobles in Parliament got tired of it (taxes)
oBroke out into argument (who has the supreme power? King or Representative [albeit
oIn 16 42 the civil war begins; ends in 1649 (happens in England)
oThis ends because the King gets his head chopped off
oOne issue that separates the King from Parliament is that he is the head of the Church, but
the Kings family is Catholic and not Anglican (at the time in England you can only be
Anglican; Protestant)
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