Lecutre 04 Notes - Democracy

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Published on 16 Feb 2011
Political Science
Lecture 04
Democracy & Communism
1) Power
2) Consent
3) Fear & Love
4) Shadows
5) Why Government?
6) Representative Problems
PUTNEY: Ireton vs. Rainsborough
Civil vs. Natural
Fixed Interest
Two Problems
No Consent
One birthright
1) Situation
The king is being held captive and on the verge of being overthrown
oTroopers say “We are here to arrest you”
oKing says “Where is your warrant?”
oTrooper points at gunmen behind him and says Thats my warrant
What happens when the King is overthrown?
The way Parliament ruled was very similar to the way the King ruled; arbitrarily – without law
oThe guys at Putney disagree and begin an argument Those who actually did all the
oWe fought for this, but we got screwed was the mentality
oAgreement of the People is written by the Levellers
oSupreme power comes from the People; not Kings, Lords, Business, etc.
2) Consent
Only just form of governance comes from The People (every man)
3) Fear & Love
You can rule through either Fear or Love
In the past it used to be the King employed the old rule” (fear) they obeyed due to fear of
having their head chopped off
Now they believe that rule should be done so out of Love
In todays society there is a mix of both
4) Shadows
Parliament is a reflection of the People
Parliament can represent the people if they can reflect their needs
The representative is only an image (shadow) BUT not the people itself keeping in mind that
the power is within the people
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