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Political Science
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Stefan Dolgert

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POLB71Lecture 12
April 5, 2011
FinalApril 27, 2011
Questions will be posted on Friday.
Open book and one note test.
Focused on class, property and representation. Also, religion and toleration
Now we are stopping at 1800s
Two important subjects that were not covered:
oIssue of gender
Very end of this 1790, women beginning to call for representation
Woman in Europe are politically silenced
Woman can rule
Woman are not citizens
There are no writers who talk about this as well
What does it actually mean for woman to be equal
Many feminist scholars today say that just giving women a vote
doesnt mean that they are equal
oIssue of Colonialism or Racisim
Havent talked about the great colonial and imperialist projects
The way that Europe brought most of the globe under its sway:
British, French, Spanish etc.
The way colonialism and racial –uncivilized people
Racial hierarchy
Contemporary geo-politics
These are important things to think about after leaving this class
These are things that are excluded
David Hume
Scottish and British philosopher
The Original Contract
Hes known as a skeptic
Important: he is concerned with the radical implications of contractarian thinking
oWe can see this prominently with Locke
oThe necessity for the society and the governmentcontract that people can
get out of it
oWe are in danger of anarchy
oBecause in Lockes theory people have natural rights apart from their
oPeople can say that they dont like whats going in this society because their
natural rights isnt be respected as a result they can leave
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oHUME says this is a recipe for disasters because when people think things
are not going right they can pick up and leave
He is a critic of contractarian theory
oHe says there is no original contract that founds our government
oWe did not sign any documents
You have to obey the rules without being in a contract
We dont have a government because we have a contract but the fact that they are
Basis of the government is that they came in a long time and begun through
conquest etc.its pretty business—but there is no problem with that and there is no
reason to withdraw from them
Change occurs in society over timerevolution not evolution
Canadian political development opposed to Americans is an example of what Humes
is talking about
Hume says you get civil wars, anarchy, and bloodshed
Hume says there is a lot of social strife
Not in Canada though, but in America yes
Hume says this is a philosopichal fable
Lockes contract is a fantasy!
Hume opposed to Locke and Rousseauwe are getting a lot more conservative
Conserving the traditions that we already have
Father of modern conservatism
Writings against the French Revolution
He can see the violence that is coming
British politician of Irish decent
Agrees with Hume about a lot of things like there is no original contract
Gives us a starting point about interpersonal relationships
First thing:
oWe are Prejudice
oAnd this is good
oNot racial prejudice—but that we have ties to other people and we have
judgments based on emotions, instincts and this is what society is based on
not on abstract reasoning etc.
oSociety or the family worksprejudice is that sentiments and instincts and
not subjects to rational calculations
oRelationship to them is based on selfish calculations
oBonds Burke says are prejudice
oWe depend on prejudice for families to stay together
oWhen we think about what is wrong with our governmenthe is not saying
that whatever the government says is right or ordained
oYou should think about the government about how you look at your father
what you do is—because your ties of sense of infections—you see his
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