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Lecture 14

POL201 Lecture 14: POLISCIENCE readings Feb 8th: Chatty Summary

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Political Science
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Courtney Jung

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POLISCIENCE readings Feb 8th Chatty reading: palestinian refugees: -after 1948, state of Israel was created, and the “great catastrophe” (war in palestine from 1946-47) occurred. —> armed militants from Israel forced the indigenous populations to flee. (750000 palestinians) – forced to take refuge in camps set up by humanitarian agencies UNRWA set up to manage Palestinian refugee camps and provide health, education and humanitarian aid . – 1.6 million Palestinian refugees in Jordan, 53% of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon live in official refugee camps – 35% in West Bank, 75% of pop. in Gaza is Palestinian refugees Palestinians largest refugee population after the Afganis. – the Palestinian problem is not well understood by people. – in order to understand, people have to look at what was wrong with the European Jewish Diaspora, from which Zionism emerged. Who are the palestinians? – descendants of the philistines, Canaanites, and Hebrews. – Arabs have been in palestine for centuries, until 1948 when the the Israelis took over the region. The Palestinians made up 70% of the population even in 1947 after 50 years of European Jewish resettlement. End of Empires: Palestine was a large part of the Ottoman empire between the 16th century and the end of WW1. When the empire began to fall, european countries were vying for control of the Arab Ottoman provinces. Two treaties were originally concocted: the McMahon/Hussein agreement and the Sykes/Picot agreement. The McMahon/hussein agreement stated that Great Britain would recognize Arab independence should they revolt against the empire. The Sykes/Picot agreement entailed that the Arab provinces would be split up between France, Russia and Britain, With France retaining Lebanon and Syria, Britain controlling Iraq and Transjordan, and Palestine placed under international jurisdiction. But the agreement fell thro
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