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Lecture 7

POLC99H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Naomi Klein, Avi Lewis

Political Science
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R Rice

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POLC99 Lecture 7 February 22
Video about Argentina (The Take: Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis, 2004)
The Neoliberal Reforms of 1990s
Argentinas president in the 1990s downsized and sold off all public asset possible.
As a result, half of the country slid below the poverty line. Money was free to travel
while MNCs whisked off millions of money out of Argentina. Argentina went
through 5 presidents in 3 weeks. Banks locked people out of their own accounts
since Argentina went broke. People were rejecting the whole model, not particular
Workers were locking themselves in the factories and producing stuff without
management. They form cooperatives. They have a case for taking over the plant ad
running it themselves if the court finds that the previous owners has been selling
assets of the factory illegally.
You learn to accept the decision of the majority when you vote often. They pay each
other a fair salary.
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