POLD89H3 Lecture Notes - Pascal Lamy, World Health Organization, World Trade Organization

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9 Jan 2014
Lecture 1
- International Forum on Globalization (IFG)
Lamy, WTO
- World Trade Organization (WTO) Director General, Pascal
- "Globalization can be defined as a historical stage of
accelerated expansion of market capitalism, like the one
experienced in the 19th century with the industrial
revolution. It is a fundamental transformation in societies
because of the recent technological revolution which has led
to a recombining of the economic and social forces on a new
territorial dimension"
The World Bank
- "globalization- the growing integration of economies and
societies around the world"
- it is neutral
- United Nations and Development Division
- this includes increases in the international division of
labour caused by swelling of the flow of FBI
- World Health Organization
Definitions, are provided by,
- political left and political right
- various ideologies (for ex, neoliberalism)
- political regions ( for ex, Europe)
- various economic entities, and interests (for ex, finance
- Globalization as internationalization- describe cross-border
relations between countries
- Globalization as liberalization- 'a process of removing
government imposed restrictions on movements between countries
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