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Lecture 10

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Political Science
Christopher Cochrane

thLecture 10 November 15 2012Democracymajority rules Which institution does majority rules worksthe House of Commons but technically it could be a plurality Also majority rules works at the supreme court of Canada Referendums works in majority rules Minority protections language rights ex French language rights freedom of religion legal rights etcEntrenched bill of rightsantidemocratic no one really knows where the judges come from The judges are unelected officials They created this bill Judicial review court can say that this bill violates human rights They can interpret the lawnotwithstanding clausepg 181 sec 33o governments can use this clauseo only covers sec 2o you cant use this clause in elections or BNA acto expires after 5 yearso Your suspending the court decisions o court has the right to change and rule even when you use notwithstanding clause o Quebec uses this a lot with the langua
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